• Alison Grimley

#FitFriday Tips to Stay on Track for the Weekend

Clean eating and exercise to me is a lifestyle, so I treat weekends just like I would any other day. It hasn't always been that way though, so I know how hard it is to stay on track when the distractions and temptation of the weekend creep in. It sometimes take discipline to say no to things that don't lend to our goals. I thought I would put together some tips for #FitFriday to help you stay focused, on track, and accountable.

Here are some of the things I put into place to ensure I kept on track.

1. Meal Prep

Be sure to make time to do your meal prep. I always block time off on Sunday to get all my meals prepared for the week ahead. It ensures that I am set up for success, even when things get busy. Being focused on meal prep and planning on the weekend also helps to keep you focused on your goals. If doing a weeks worth of meal prep on Sunday feels overwhelming, schedule in Thursday for a smaller prep for the weekend ahead.

2. Me Time

Be sure to plan some time for yourself to recharge. Even if it is just an hour of undisturbed time to read your favourite book, sip a warm cup of tea, relax in the bath, or take a walk. Time for you will allow you to physically and mentally reset.

3. Sleep

Sleep is so important and such an issue for so many. Lack of sleep has a tremendous effect on our body. Our minds are always racing and we are often stressed and don't even know it. Shutting down is hard is hard for many. Make sure you use the weekend to catch up where you can and give your body the rest it needs. I know sometimes weekend plans keep us up late and deprived. Try not to let that happen and if it does, make sure you schedule time to catch up.

4. Keep your routine

Try the best you can to keep on track with your eating routine, even on the weekend. It is often easy to get caught up in activities and plans and forget a meal or drastically change our eating routine. Do your best to keep things as close to your usual schedule as you can.

5. Eat before events

If you have a big event, have a healthy snack to curb your appetite before you go. This will help when it comes to grazing on appetizers and treats.

6. Pack snacks

If you are heading out be sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks to take with you. This will help with snack cravings that can temp you to hit a drive thru or make some unhealthy convenient choices.

7. Movement

Make sure you incorporate movement into your weekend. It is easy to want to just relax on the weekend, but don't forget how important it is to move daily. Plan a walk, a trip to the gym, a home workout, or whatever best suits you to get up and moving.

8. Indulge

We all need a little bit of indulgence, just do it intelligently. Use the weekend to enjoy yourself in moderation and treat yourself to some of your favourites.

Just remember to go easy on yourself and grant yourself forgiveness if you slip a little. Don't let one set back throw you off track and lose sight of your goal. If you indulge a little too much, make the next day for resetting.

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