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It is so nice to meet you!

Perhaps you found me while searching online, or someone who cares about you referred you here. Whatever brought you, I am so glad you are here. If you have gotten this far, I have no doubt you are about to change your life!

A little more about me...

I am a mom to two amazing boys and one fur baby who is my side kick and saviour. I love to dance, sip on chai lattes, cook, and indulge in personal growth books, podcasts and training. I am no stranger to feeling lost in life and lacking confidence to share my voice and embrace my truth.

Seven years ago my marriage ended and the way the separation was handled was very traumatic. I spiralled down and eventually hit rock bottom. I found myself searching for myself and realizing that I didn't know the person looking back at me in the mirror. I had spent most of my life being who others wanted me to be, showing up in a way that I felt was expected and not being true to who I was.

So, my journey of self-discovery, self-care and empowerment began and it was epic. In the seven years that followed I not only pushed through, I created an amazing life. My mission is to show other women what is possible and show them how I was able to get to where I am today by sharing the tools I have developed to build a strong sense of self worth, and facilitate growth & empowerment. ​

We are all unique, so my coaching programs are customized to each individual. I combine my experience with clear intuition to help each client by  crafting a plan that is as unique as she is.



  • BA, Psychology

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Master Mindset Coach

  • Advanced Nutrition Training

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