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Happy Girl

10 Days


Create the Life You Desire

How to Discover Your Calling and Connect to Your Passion to

Are you trying to discover your calling?

Do you feel like there is more that you are meant to be doing, but don't know what that is?

Do you desire more? To connect to your passion and joy?


You feel stuck when it comes to knowing where that joy comes from?

If this sounds like you you - Join me August 15th for my 10 day intensive where I will walk you through a process that will help you discover and connect to your purpose. No more looking around and wondering how others have it all figured out. After the 10 days are complete you will have clarity around what your purpose is and be able to start living with intention and lean into that purpose.

It's time to create life you desire.

                         Let's do this together!

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Program Outcomes

  • Clarity around your purpose and calling in life

  • Connection to your desires

  • A vision that will help propel you forward

  • Confidence to get into action

Program Features

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Daily live training at noon EST where I will share the steps to uncover and connect to your purpose - if you can't join live you can catch the replay. The group will stay open for 3 weeks.

  • Step-by-step process and guide

  • Daily check-in in group

  • One live Q&A  

Are you ready
to start living your life on purpose?

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