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8 Week


Do you feel like there is never enough money for you?

Do you fear money running out?

Does paying your bills leave you anxious?

Do you feel overwhelmed by debt?

Do you say no to things because of the cost that is associated?

Do you feel that you are just not the kind of person who will ever have money?

Do you tell yourself that financial wealth doesn't happen to someone like you?

Do you find yourself spending money as soon as it comes in because you are afraid it won't last?

Do you have fear or hesitation about looking at your bank account?

If any of these are a yes for you, you are not alone. So many of carry stories around money that are not serving us and are actually acting as a block to our abundance. I used to be there too. I was stuck in stories and fears of money that I didn't realize and they were preventing from ever breaking through. When I got to work on shifting my money mindset and clearing out those fears. Everything changed! Now, I get to show others how to do the same. I figured out how to shift my thoughts and beliefs around money so that money began to flow more easily to me, and shifted the way that I related to money. This process has helped to attract and create ways to earn money that feel good. 

This freedom around money is possible for you!

My 8 week Money Mindset will provide you with the tools to transform your relationship to money so that the way you are responding to, work for or relating to money in a way that serves you.  The truth is that even those with an abundance of cash flow still fear it running out, that people making a great salary still find themselves unable to save or pay down debt. Money stories affect everyone. Knowing what they are, where they come from and how to change them is where the power lies. I have been able to push through all my struggles and create the life I desire and it all started with pushing through these stories and shifting my mindset. Now I want to help you do the same. 

It's time to create change and get that life of freedom

Together will will work to identify and release limiting beliefs you have around money. We will move from a place of fear and lack into abundance and growth. We will remove the anxiety that comes when thinking of money and build a relationship with money that allows you to attract, create and keep your money.

Money Mindset Coach

Program Outcomes

  • Build more trust in yourself, your worth and your ability to attract abundance

  • Release limit beliefs, stories and fears around money

  • Stand in a place of power around money

  • Feel more confident around money

  • Identify money drains and create ways for money to flow in

  • Have a healthy relationship with money

What we will work on together

  • Integrate the tools I will show you to allow you to shift, release and reset all that is stopping you from creating what you desire

  • Identify and shift the patterns that are preventing you from the ease of money flow in your life

  • Expand your potential to earn and receive

  • Identify opportunities for money to flow into your life

  • Manifestation - discover how to tap into your power to manifest all that you desire

  • Forgive and release all that led you to this point so you can be free of that energy and start to create the life you desire

Program Features

  • (8) 45-60 minute coaching calls  - one per week for the 8 week duration of the program

  • Worksheets and action items to do each week

  • Journaling prompts to help you go deep

  • Vision casting and visualization exercises

  • Daily routine set-up

  • Access to me in between calls via email 

Are you ready
to shift it all and create something new?

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