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Happy Woman

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If you’re ready to change the story in the back of your mind that tells you you aren’t worthy - 

you’re in the right place.

I am here to guide you to take action to step into a more empowered, cared for and happy version of YOU. We will replace the voice telling you you’re not good enough, not worthy, not capable and create one that is empowered and positive so you can walk powerfully through life.

As we work together, I help you invite more love and appreciation into your life so you can strengthen your relationship with self and gain an understanding and acceptance of yourself. I help by giving you structured activities alongside tools to empower you in your journey and let go of beliefs that have prevented you from feeling worthy of living life on your terms.

This isn’t about overwhelming you with more on your to-do list, or more work and deadlines that seem impossible to meet, and I am not here to become just another person telling you what to do - I know that is not what you need! The time we will spend together will be more empowering, transformative, sustainable & way more fun than that.

It isn’t my job to do the work for you…

… but it IS my job to help you release and replace limiting beliefs, love yourself better, set you up with knowledge and tools to reset your relationship with self and practice self care so that you can step into alignment with who you want to be and begin taking inspired action, action that feels good and action that gives you the power to step into the vision you have for yourself and your life. I will help you find your confidence again and get to work creating a life that inspires you to dream and take action.

Girl, you’re not on this earth to simply push through and survive,

you’re here to enjoy life and thrive. Now let’s get you taking charge of your life - mind, body and soul - and living your best life -  realizing the power you have within and releasing all your limiting beliefs and blocks. Taking charge over emotions and automatic reactions and making conscious, intentional choices that will create all that you want for your life and inspire those around you.

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1:1 Coaching Outcomes

  • Build more trust in yourself, your worth and your intuition

  • Trust yourself to make choices that will empower your life and create sustainable change

  • Know how to make space for your emotions and have reasonable expectations for yourself

  • Understands yourself better and make healthier, more empowered choices that align with who you are

  • Know your worth and believe in it

  • Be easier on yourself and treat yourself with grace - you do it for others, time to do it for you

  • Be able to stand in confidence and love yourself - even when you don’t feel loveable

  • Make self care a priority - EVERY day!

  • Create powerful self talk 

What we will work on together

  • Introducing you to your intuition and source within you that you can believe in an trust

  • Identifying and releasing of stuck emotions and past hurts and stories that don't serve

  • Reconnecting with your heart & your essence

  • Transforming negative thought patterns 

  • Building routines that support and fill your soul and nourish you mind

  • Building healthier habits that you can feel good about daily

  • Create a daily routine that keeps your vibration high

Program Features

  • (12) 45-60 minute coaching calls  - one per week for the 12 week duration of the program

  • Worksheets and action items to do each week

  • Journaling prompts to help you go deep

  • Vision casting and visualization exercises

  • Daily routine set-up

  • Introduction to healing practices - meditation, breath work etc

  • Access to me in between calls via email 

Are you ready

for a solution that lasts?

Click below to apply for coaching

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