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Stress & Worry - 30 Day Program

Next Program Starts JAN 25 - Secure our spot. Space is limited.

Stress and worry can become overwhelming and start to affect all aspects of our life. This course is designed to help you stress less, understand and reduce the effects of stress on your body and mind, and learn ways to manage it effectively and with ease.

In this course I will cover: 


  • The effects of stress on your mind and body

  • Daily changes and habits you can create to relieve stress in your life

  • How to gain stress relief through mindfulness and mindful changes

  • Journaling and self-care 

  • Natural remedies for self care

I will set you up powerfully to be able to reduce and manage stress as it occurs in your life. We can't control some of the circumstances in life, and we CAN control how we manage them.

Let's get your stress and worry under control and create space for all the good stuff!

Here it is…

The 30 day Stress & Worry Program!

Here’s what you are going to get:

  • 30 days of tips and support around managing stress and worry

  • Recipes that help combat stress in our body

  • Access to a private Facebook Group where I will share daily

  • Weekly lives where I will share each module and open up for Q&As

  • Email & Messenger access to me

  • Incredible handouts that you can keep and use again and again

  • A plan moving forward to help you navigate stress

To keep the experience intimate space is limited.

All this for just $197! 

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