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A community rooted in matriarchal values of inclusion, built for the collective healing & wellness of women

This is a FREE community that is being led by a diverse group of Servant Leaders (Coaches, teachers and wellness professionals) who come from various cultural backgrounds and will show up each week to serve the collective by sharing healing practices, trainings, group coaching and more! We are locking arms so together we can help others heal, share our collective knowledge and expertise and show what happens when we all stand together to break down old ways that are no longer serving the world. We are as diverse as the membership we hope to create.


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Alison Grimley

Alison is a certified health and life coach and former Executive who brings years of experience helping people cultivate integrity, truth, & freedom.  Her mission is to build bridges between the inner tools you likely already have & how to apply those tools so you can live your best life. She is fiercely committed to being a compassionate leader and taking bold, brave action to heal and transform the world. She is also committed to staying present to dismantling systems of oppression and shifting her own internalized beliefs that continue to perpetuate an archaic patriarchal, white privilege system.  A compassionate agent of change, she helps others to lead, love, and live braver. She helps to liberate them from the disempowered stories they tell themselves & the systems that reinforce them so their impact on the world can be greater. The Wellness Collective Academy is a dream of hers to bring women together to be heard, to heal, and to impact change together. 

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Sharon Corcoran

Sharon spent over 35 years in the Supply Chain and Customer Service sectors, working in a range of management positions for multinational organizations, where she assisted in the development of corporate goals and strategies. She is a professional who is full of energy and imagination. Sharon is an expert Soap Maker who is enthusiastic about learning and expressing herself artistically. She believes in giving back, and she holds a special place in her heart for community and non-profit organizations. She hopes to focus on programs that assist women to become more empowered now that she has a new status of "retired."

Jody Harbour

Jody Harbour

Jody identifies as an Urban Indigenous Woman. She acknowledges connection to spirit and Ancestral knowledge created experiences that have provided the understanding she required to be one with the land. Guidance and teachings from Indigenous Grandmother's, Knowledge Keepers and Indigenous ways of knowing is what continues to inspire values that nurture the balance and wellbeing in her life today. "Being in a collective of women with aligned values and beliefs, is an honour. As an Urban Indigenous woman it is my responsibility to share my experiences and knowledge I have gained that may encourage others to reflect on their own wellness, self-healing and self-care." Jody is an entrepreneur and business owner for over 30 years in the textile and fashion industry. An Inventor and Co-Founder of Grandmother's Voice, Jody's current work with Grandmother's Voice translates into her personal life, embedding Indigenous beliefs into her family values and practices.

Michelle Featherstone

Michelle Featherstone

Michelle has a deep passion for helping others reach their highest potential. Everything she has done for the past 20 years had lent to that passion. She is a fitness instructor, coach and facilitator and is ready to bring all of her amazing gifts to the collective. No stranger to loss and trauma, Michelle knows what it is like to wonder why, to hearing and leaning into that knowing that there is more and to take those courageous steps forward to create something different. She believes that our answers are within us and if we have the right support and guidance we can find them. A Quantum Human Design Specialist, she will share deeper ways of knowing and understanding ourselves so that we can all step into our greatest potential. Michelle will be sharing her Human Design knowledge inside The Wellness Collective Academy. 

Daphne Siddique

Daphne Siddique

Daphne is the Co-founder of Gold Dollar Exchange; she has spent years in business alongside her husband and just 2 years ago decided to spread her wings and is currently pursuing a degree in Psychotherapy. Her journey began years ago when she decided to volunteer and assist women who were dealing with emotional, physical, and mental abuse. Through her experiences she gained a deeper understanding of the mind, heart, and soul connection and this inspired her to train on the importance of integrating the diversity of culture in a western world, creating self-differentiation in relationships, setting healthy boundaries, and breaking down negative thought patterns and processes. She has always had a heart for helping women moving forward powerfully in life. Her passion is to empower people to see the best versions of themselves so they can move, touch, and inspire others to succeed in life.

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What you get when you join the Wellness Collective Academy:

  • Access to a private FB Community where there will be monthly training from our experts

  • Monthly group coaching opportunities

  • Discounted rates on courses, events and workshops

  • Lifetime access to membership portal where courses, trainings and resources will be stored

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All voices will be elevated here and this will be a safe space for each and every woman who joins us. We will ensure that all voices of our sisters: black, brown, Indigenous and marginalized voices – are heard and everyone feels safe and welcomed. We are committed to creating inclusive live events, retreats, and programs that include food, pronouns, race, religious practices, and cultural specific references that aim to decenter

the White heterosexual Cis-Gendered Able-Bodied norm.

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